Shipping and payment

The cost of delivery services by express services is calculated based on several parameters:

    • location of settlements of the sender and recipient (the entire territory of Russia and abroad is divided into tariff zones);
    • shipment of departure;
    • Availability of additional paid services and services (insurance, customs services).

* If you did not find your city in the list and there is no office or an issue point - contact us by

The time for processing the order is 2-5 working days. The formation and sending of orders is carried out in the working hours of managers, on weekdays from Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays.
If your order has been decorated on weekends or a holiday or no time - it will be shipped on the nearest working day.
Sending the parcels of the first class by Russian Post is carried out from Tuesday to Friday (on working days) during post office hours.
Transport company SDEK

    • courier in Russia: 3-5 business days
    • To the pickup point of the SDEC: 2-8 business days

Courier service Major Express

    • courier in Russia: 1-5 business days
    •    Post office:
    • Delivery time 7-12 business days

* The delivery time of orders can be increased by courier service for an indefinite period of reasons independent of us.

Payment of goods on our site is available in the following ways:

    • Through the payment system of Alfa Bank JSC
    • Through Pay Pal payment system
    • via ApplePay payment system

Types of cards allowed in payment systems:

    • in Yandex.Kassa - Visa, Mastercard / Maestro, World
    • In Paypal - Visa, MasterCard / Maestro, American Express
    • In CloudPayments - Visa, MasterCard / Maestro, World






Услуга оплаты через интернет осуществляется в соответствии с Правилами международных платежных систем Visa, MasterCard и Платежной системы МИР на принципах соблюдения конфиденциальности и безопасности совершения платежа, для чего используются самые современные методы проверки, шифрования и передачи данных по закрытым каналам связи. Ввод данных банковской карты осуществляется на защищенной платежной странице АО «АЛЬФА-БАНК».
На странице для ввода данных банковской карты потребуется ввести данные банковской карты: номер карты, имя владельца карты, срок действия карты, трёхзначный код безопасности (CVV2 для VISA, CVC2 для MasterCard, Код Дополнительной Идентификации для МИР). Все необходимые данные пропечатаны на самой карте. Трёхзначный код безопасности — это три цифры, находящиеся на обратной стороне карты. 
Далее вы будете перенаправлены на страницу Вашего банка для ввода кода безопасности, который придет к Вам в СМС. Если код безопасности к Вам не пришел, то следует обратиться в банк выдавший Вам карту.
Случаи отказа в совершении платежа: 
    •    банковская карта не предназначена для совершения платежей через интернет, о чем можно узнать, обратившись в Ваш Банк;
    •    недостаточно средств для оплаты на банковской карте. Подробнее о наличии средств на банковской карте Вы можете узнать, обратившись в банк, выпустивший банковскую карту;
    •    данные банковской карты введены неверно;
    •    истек срок действия банковской карты. Срок действия карты, как правило, указан на лицевой стороне карты (это месяц и год, до которого действительна карта). Подробнее о сроке действия карты Вы можете узнать, обратившись в банк, выпустивший банковскую карту;
По вопросам оплаты с помощью банковской карты и иным вопросам, связанным с работой сайта, Вы можете обращаться по следующим телефонам: 8 (928)777-13-18
Предоставляемая вами персональная информация (имя, адрес, телефон, e-mail, номер банковской карты) является конфиденциальной и не подлежит разглашению. Данные вашей кредитной карты передаются только в зашифрованном виде и не сохраняются на нашем Web-сервере

After payment of orders on, our sales department forms orders for sending. After your order is transferred by courier service or shipped by Russian Post - you will be able to track your order in your personal account on our website.

* If you have not received your order within 30 days after receiving the track number, please contact us by

Marvel Design online store informs you about conditions, returns for goods

Return is carried out both at the request of the buyer and because of the error from the seller.

The return time of the goods is 24 hours, from the moment of receipt of the goods by the client.

The reasons for returning goods from the buyer may be the following:

    Upon receipt, a production marriage is revealed that carrying substantial aesthetic consequences;
    Upon receipt, a production marriage was revealed, as a result of which the products loses their physical characteristics, and cannot be used for its intended purpose;
    Getting a model other than ordered.

Reasons for return by mistake IP Kalchenko E.N. Subsequently, the "Seller" referred to

    Incorrect set of order
    Availability of defect

In the event of an incorrect configuration of the order or the presence of a defect, the cost of return delivery by mail Russia pays the seller. Return of funds to the Client is carried out within 5-7 business days.

In case the refund or replacement occurs, the reasons independent of the seller, and is initiated by the buyer's wishes, all the costs of sending the exchange / returned order lay on the buyer.

Exchange / Returns must be sent by Russian Post 1. In the package, be sure to put a note with the note - what should be done? Return, exchange (for what size) and be sure to specify the order number, name, postal address and contact phone number.

We draw your attention to the fact that the goods are accepted back only in full configuration, with all the packages and stickers, in a non-shaped form

The buyer must provide everything in its original form, namely:

- branded box (in not damaged form / not remembered)

- clothes without external signs socks

Quality goods that are not subject to exchange and return are listed in the list approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55.

Return of goods is carried out:

Residents of Russia regions can return the goods by mail. When you return the client pays back delivery.

We draw your attention to the fact that the refund is carried out only by Russian Post, departure 1 class

Address for refund:
344000 Rostov-on-Don, Hair Cities 119, IP Kalchenko E.N.

Refusal to return your parcels may occur for the following reasons:

A refund

Return of funds to the buyer IP Kalchenko E.N, is carried out in two ways:

    in cash;
    Bank transaction;

The method of refunding the cash coincides with the payment method. If the buyer cannot pick up the cash independently, this can make a trustee for it. In this case, the refund can be carried out only upon presentation of a power of attorney and passport.

    Cashless payment: the client is returned to the card with which the order was paid.

We draw your attention to the fact that details should be addressed to the customer.

The deadline for transferring funds is carried out within 7 calendar days. The deadline for crediting funds to the current account of the client depends on the internal regulation of the recipient's bank.

• As soon as we receive your product, and make sure that it corresponds to the refund conditions, then we will issue you a refund.
• If the goods were paid on the website by a bank card or other methods of making online payments, the goods for the goods will return to the same way.
• Please note that the receipt of funds can take up to 20 business days from the receipt of the goods to the warehouse.

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